Community Supports Frederiksted Health Care, Inc., in COVID 19 Response

Frederiksted Health Care, Inc. Board of Directors, Management and Staff take this opportunity to thank the many thoughtful supporters of FHC during this difficult time. Several individuals have made or purchased masks and donated to FHC for the protection of our staff; to include STX Long Term Recovery group gave 300 masks and Infinite Impact LLC gave 100 masks. Stop and Shop has donated several cases of Hand Sanitizers. The Lions Club of St. Croix catered lunch for staff at the Ingeborg Nesbitt location. And the Carambola Property Owners Charitable Foundation donated $5,000 to FHC to assist with COVID 19 response in our community.

FHC would like to thank members of our community for their generous gifts and outpouring of love and support for FHC employees. We are thrilled to have your support. Through your donations we have been able to keep serving the most underserved and marginalized populations on St. Croix. Together, working with My Brother’s Workshop on St. Croix we continued to serve the homeless with hot meals.

We are extremely appreciative and encouraged by our community’s support and generosity. We cannot thank you enough for your concern and support to FHC.

Your expressions of human-kindness make a great difference especially in this unprecedented time. Your show of kindness indicates that we are all in this Together.

We need to let every member of our beloved St. Croix community know that we cannot get through this pandemic without you. We are all so grateful to our colleagues in other medical offices both public and private; public safety officers, every grocery store worker, food delivery driver, pharmacy worker, trash and bio-waste removal personnel. These phenomenal individuals are just as deserving of great thanks and recognition for all that they do. We are all in this together. FHC, seeks to remind them to practice self-care during this challenging time and our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.

FHC Board and Management expresses heartfelt thanks and appreciation to staff at Frederiksted Health Care, Inc.. Our staff has been committed and dedicated to serving and preventing the spread COVID 19 in our community. We have such gratitude for our medical team, Custodial/Housekeeping teams and our administration support staff for risking their health in the service of our patients. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!

2020 has been quite a year. Initially FHC had plans for celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2020. However, the Pandemic has postponed those plans. We must admit, that the thoughtful acts of kindness have ignited joy and celebrations with each donation. Thus in actuality we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary with our Community. We are truly thankful for your support. Your support that has been greatly influential in sustaining our mission and makes all the difference. We remain dedicated in maintaining our high standard of quality health care at all of our Health Centers on St. Croix. We are relentless in demonstrating a strong sense of community and cooperation, that has earned us the trust and respect of St. Croix and our Federal partners.

FHC is not a government agency and as a non-profit private organization we are faced with all the challenges as non-profits. FHC is dependent on local government supplement, local and federal government grant funding and donations. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made in any amount, and will also be accepted by mail to Frederiksted Health Care, Inc., Executive Offices, 516 Strand Street, Frederiksted, VI 00840.